Construction time always depends on the size and location of the home. Generally speaking a 1300 sq. ft. home, on a city subdivision lot can easily be built in 90 days. A 2500 sq. ft. home on acreage will take longer. Well, septic and power must all be scheduled as well as simply more building to construct. Be realistic on completion times, and for your own piece of mind, allow an extra 2 weeks from contract completion date. Contractors sometimes have no control of availability of materials or small scheduling delays, so allow yourself ample time before having to vacate your current home. Your first and foremost concern should be having a quality finished product and this is accomplished by allowing your builder adequate time to complete the project. By hiring sub-contractors we feel we can provide the best possible product and workmanship for your project. We maintain a list of subs we prefer to use during construction. These subs have proven themselves to us with regard to their work ethics. Our goal is to schedule in advance the necessary time to complete each aspect of construction. However, in this industry, even the most carefully scheduled project and be delayed a day or two due to unknowns. Again, with the goal in mind of a quality finished product, allow your builder enough time to provide you with a quality completed project.

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