First and foremost, CHECK LOCAL REFERENCES. At our first meeting or upon your request, you will be given a list containing references for both previous RECENT clients and local suppliers. These should always be provided to you without hesitation by any builder you speak with. Check them out!!! This list is one of your most valuable tools. In the construction industry contractors come and go overnight. Your biggest concern should be the stability and reputation of your contractor.

Recent clients are a wonderful source of information. They can tell you about their experience with their contractor. Were they satisfied with their completed project? Was the quality what they expected? Was the project completed on time?, if not, why? Were there any cost over runs which they were unexpectedly responsible for? Did the contract and specifications end up being complete? Did they think something was included which ultimately was not? Did the entire project end up costing more than what was originally bid?, if so, why? We urge you to call all the references we have given you. You will find complete satisfaction in ALL cases.

Check out local suppliers. All builders must purchase materials and checking to see if accounts are current is also VERY important. If a contractor is managing his/her business well, there is no excuse for past due accounts. In this industry the biggest error a contractor can make is to "borrow from Peter to pay Paul".

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