When evaluating your choices in building sites, you may want to consider the following aspects.

A subdivision lot is usually the most economical to develop. Most have water, sewer, power, phone, cable TV and gas available at the street. Many subdivisions have neighborhood covenants. These covenants may regulate things such as minimum square footage, roof pitch, maximum height of buildings, exterior color choices etc. Any covenants required by the neighborhood can be obtained from the Real Estate agency listing the property. These covenants should be reviewed prior purchasing and choosing the floor plan of your new home.

Rural Sites:
A rural property will most likely require the installation of a septic system, well, phone lines, power to the site and a satellite system for TV. In addition, extra site work may be necessary to prepare a road/driveway access. These types of costs will escalate the total project costs in comparison to a subdivision site. In most cases, there will be fewer, if any building covenants.

Regardless of where you choose to build your new home, the contour of the lot plays a major role in what type of home is best suited for the lot in regard to cost and style. For example: If a lot is sloping to the rear, it is ideal for a walk-out / daylight basement. Basements can often be a less expensive way to acquire more square footage when needed. However, it is essential to have a contractor view the sight prior to purchasing to ensure there is adequate drainage and appropriate slope to make cost effective use of the slope.

Take note of the style of homes adjacent to the site you are considering. Be sure the type of home you're thinking of constructing will blend in with other nearby homes. To protect your investment (resale value), be sure the surrounding homes are comparative in value to what you would like to build. In all cases, we strongly recommend having a builder take a look at the site before you purchase. A builder will make recommendations for the best style home for that particular lot, ensure proper contouring for water drainage (snow melt), point out possible restrictions for building covenants and lot set backs and "out of the ordinary" costs that may be associated with that particular lot.

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